T-shirt Foundry

API Information

We accept orders via our API at https://www.tshirtfoundry.com/api.aspx. Requests are POSTed as UrlEncoded json to the API along with a method parameter.

Print ready artwork needs to be accessible via a url

A simple example of a json order object is shown below. The request will return an order number if successful. This should be stored in your database and it can be used to retrieve status updates.

                "merchant": "YOUR MERCHANT NAME",
                "url": "www.url-where-order-placed.com",
                "hash": "SECRET HASH",
                "delivery": "Standard",
                "orderlines": [
                        "quantity": 1,
                        "product": {
                            "productCode": "GD05"
                        "design": {
                            "printFileURL": "http://www.yoururl.com/preview-of-shirt.png",
                            "previewFileURL": "http://www.yoururl.com/print-ready-artwork.png",
                            "printSize": "W30",
                            "printType": "Flat",
                            "printPosition": "FrontChest"
                        "size": "XL",
                        "productColour": "Ash Grey"
                "address": {
                    "deliveryname": "Mr Customer Name",
                    "address1": "Address1",
                    "address2": "Address2 (Optional)",
                    "address3": "Address3 (Optional)",
                    "town": "Postal Town",
                    "postcode": "Postal Code",
                    "countrycode": "Country Code eg UK"